Monitoring senior

Principal Responsibilities:

development and support of modules for collecting, processing, controlling and storing heterogeneous data (90% MySQL)
formats collation, tables and databases optimization
support developers in SQL queries formation and optimization
testing in development environments and further implementation in business processes
phased implementation of monitoring subsystems
data analysts performance optimization
prototype design, testing and results review
monitoring infrastructure support
analysis of the company's monitoring needs
monitoring concept & development strategy design
use of grafana monitoring tool
Modules development for integrating the monitoring system into a new architecture
drawing up requirements for input data

Qualifications / Skills Required:

SQL skills: basic queries, built-in functions, user triggers, procedures
no less than 3 years of up-to-date working experience with databases
knowledge of git
experience with cli unix
experience with database software interface
knowledge of CI/CD for databases
experience in complex SQL queries, window functions, mandatory optimization
postgresql / mongodb / redis / sqlite
Knoweledge of MySQL architecture, storage engines, partitioning, clasterization skills etc
no less than 2+ years' experience with grafana (or a similar monitoring tool)
shell / grep / sed / awk / cut/
Algorithmic trading for the crypto market: statistical arbitrage, microstructural strategies, market making and HFT