Role profile:

GitLab CI/CD pipelines development
processes automation with the help of Ansible
keep Grafana-based monitoring system in operation

Key skills & other requirements:

working experience as a GNU/Linux production system administrator
expertise in TCP/IP net protocols
experience with Git
experience with virtualisation (KVM, VMWare)
experience with container technologies (Docker, Podman, LXC/LXD)
GitLab skills for software process automation skills
Amiable skills for configuration control automation
experience in scrips design for routines automation
ownership, consistency and accuracy

Bonus points for:

working experience in finance services development
working experience with cloud providers (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Alibaba)
Terraform skills for project infrastructure description
knowledge of SQL dialects
Python, Go or C++ skills
Algorithmic trading for the crypto market: statistical arbitrage, microstructural strategies, market making and HFT