DeFi quant

Principal Responsibilities:

data analysis
operational support for ongoing solutions
development of algo trading strategies
participation in collective decision making
backtest development and implementation
simulation of trading system framework
propose technical solutions within the framework of projects
keeping record of decision making in compnay’s git
change tasks according to project’s objectives
participation in the creation and writing of technical assignment

Qualifications / Skills Required:

knowledge of exchange’s operating principles
advanced Python user
knowledge of machine learning
no less than 1 year of working experience in DeFi
Experience in DeFi
experience with backtest development
understanding mechanisms of placing orders, monitoring the execution, working with leverage (shoulder)
knowledge of financial markets operating principles
understanding of crypto market
knowledge of algo trading
nourishing envoiroment for creation of original trading algorithms and unique ideas
2+ years working experience
Algorithmic trading for the crypto market: statistical arbitrage, microstructural strategies, market making and HFT