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We are a trading company focused on data-driven solutions, cutting edge technology, and collaboration


trading volume growth (second half of 2022)
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We create fair, transparent, and efficient markets

Our mission:
We believe in full disclosure, and enjoy working on the edge of new technologies

Our values


We foster a collaborative work environment that provides researchers and engineers with autonomy to explore and innovate. AlgoQuant also recruits globally to find motivated and agile thinkers, who can usher in new technologies and mathematical solutions

State-of-the-art infrastructure

We are insatiably curious to find new solutions to both quantitative and technical problems. We pride ourselve on critical thought, and seeing our ideas put into action. We thrive in a competitive environment where results-based innovation is rewarded

Exploring Technologies

Technology is fundamental for us. We push unique solutions to provide scale and flexibility to both our production trading stack and research platform. It is our approach to this technology that has made us one of the fastest growing companies in the industry

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Our main areas of expertise:

We make markets fair, transparent, and efficient

Market Making

We create targeted markets and deliver liquidity to your projects on all trading platforms

Prop Trading

We trade, enable capital, and create infrastructure for talent worldwide
We create trading solutions and infrastructure to grow, together